About Us

MHP Technique Co., Ltd specializes in supplying PUNCH BRAKE TOOLS & BRAKE PRESS, High Performance Chain and Conveyor System.

Our focusing industries:

– Mental working & mechanical         – Beverage


– 2-piece, 3-piece can                       – Seafood & Agricultural Processing

– Paper Packaging                            – Feed Mill

– Foods and Confectionery               – Wood & MDF…

We specialize in:

Punch brake tools and press brake CONIC (Japan)

High performance chain TSUBAKI (Japan)

Bearings, transmission belts

Conveyor system INTRALOX (USA), MOVEX (Italia)

Our principle: WIN – WIN cooperation.


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Conic - Japan

Conic Japan has over 30 years of experience in manufacturing mortar pestle for punching machines. As the leading supplier and manufacturer of unique mold in Japan. With 5000 customers worldwide and a reliable partner of Mistsubishi Denki, CADMAC, Daiso Tokushuko.


Nhà sản xuất hàng đầu thế giới về sản phẩm băng tải, băng chuyền nhưa chuyên biệt. Chuyên ứng dụng cho các yêu cầu truyền tải hàng chuyên biệt và khắc nghiệt. Sản phẩm của Intralox được tin dùng trong các lĩnh vực sản xuất thủy sản, thực phẩm,...
Intralox - Usa

Constructed of plastic modules and hinge rods, and driven and tracked by plastic sprockets, Intralox belts have the inherent qualities that plant operators and designers look for: corrosion resistance, positive drives, high strength, low friction, abrasion resistance, and the ability to be built to almost any width and length, with a variety of flights, sideguards, and other accessories


Tsubakimoto - Japan

With the widest variety of chains on the market, Tsubaki’s premium roller chain products include: Roller Chains, Conveyor Chains, Drive Chains, Automotive Timing Drives, Power Transmission Products,… More special is self-lube LAMBDA® series chain


Igus - Germany

A pioneer manufacture of engineering plastic parts from 1964. Range of products include: e-chain systems – cable drag chains, highly flexible chainflex – cables, iglidur- polymer bearings, igubal – spherical bearings, drylin – linear bearings,….Industry: Food, Beverage, Wood-MDF, Packaging, Pharmaceutical, Automation, Harbour,..


Hong's Belt - China

is a global manufacturer specialized in Modular Conveyor Belts and Conveyor Chains Plate that enable customers worldwide to increase producing capacity, decrease cost and minimize downtime in factorie



has been a world leader in the manufacture of Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) belting and profiles for over 50 years.Volta Belting’s homogeneous belts are known for their high material strength, superior dimensional exactitude and stability. The materials are cut- and wear-resistant and impervious to water, oils and other fluids. Industry: Fish – Sea Food, Meat, Poultry, Dairy, Bakery, Fruit – Vegetables, …. 

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Founded in Barcelona (Spain) in 1970, Esbelt has a significant international presence, exporting 70% of its product to over 85 countries. Industry: Textile, Paper, Wood, Flour, Bakery, Sea Food, Sugar, …


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