Tsubaki Small Size Conveyor Chain LSK Series Corrosion Resistant

Chain LSK Tsubaki has added another series to its corrosion resistant stainless steel attachment chain line up. The LSK Series chain demonstrates high performance in high emperatures, dry conditions, in contact with water, or even underwater to meet the needs of the food industry and a wide range of other industries. Let Tsubaki’s LSK Series ... Read moreKNOWLEDGE
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Stay Ahead of the curve Intralox’s new S2400 Raidus with heavy-duty edge

Radius belt edges are prone to breaking off and contaminating product due to improper belt handling, installation, and conveyor design. Additionally, as product throughput, line speeds, chemical usage, and sanitation requirements have increased, belts have experienced more wear and cycles around conveyors in shorter periods of time. Consequently, belts experience shorter lives Intralox overcame these ... Read moreKNOWLEDGE
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Habasit HySan® Food Belt, Outstanding Solution for the cold meat industry

In the cold meat industry, ensuring food safety and meeting increasingly demanding market demands is a major challenge. Conventional PVC food conveyor belts often have problems with blood and meat debris sticking to them, allowing bacteria to grow. In addition, the harsh environment with low and high temperature, grease, and humidity also causes many difficulties in maintenance and reduces machine downtime
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