Attachment Chain

Brand: Tsubaki – Japan

Series: Tsubaki ANSI Standard Attachment Chain: Drive Chain, Double Pitch Conveyor Chain; Tsubaki Lambda Lube Free Attachment Chain Series;Tsubaki Neptune™ Anti Corrosion Attachment Chain Series; Tsubaki PC Attachment Chain Series.

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Feature of product

Due to the small pitch of these chains, the drive design is smaller. Usually sprockets with a large number of teeth are used. The chain speed does not vary significantly as the chain engages with sprockets. With less impact, there is also less noise generated as a result of the impact between the roller and sprocket tooth. These chains may be used for high speed conveyor applications. A wide variety of standard and special attachments are available for this chain series.



ANSI Standard Attachment Chain:

+ ANSI Single Pitch Standard;

+ ANSI Single Pitch HP;

+ ANSI Single Pitch CU;

+ ANSI Double Pitch Standard;

+ ANSI Double Pitch HP

BS Standard Attachment Chain:

+ BS Single Pitch Standard;

+ BS Single Pitch RF

Lube Free Attachment Chain:

+ ANSI Single Pitch Lambda;

+ ANSI Single Pitch Lambda HP;

+ ANSI Double Pitch Lambda;

+ BS Single Pitch Lambda;

+ BS Single Pitch Lambda RF

Anti Corrosion Attachment Chain:

+ Stainless Steel Base;

+ Carbon Steel Base, Plastic Base.

Types baz – Mounted on Chain Link

Horizontal handle 1 side 1 hole: A1, A2;
Horizontal handle on both sides 1 hole K1, K2;
Straight arm, 1 side, 1 hole: SA1, SA2;
Straight handle on both sides with 1 hole: SK1, SK2;
Hole holder right on the chain link
Mount on chain pin
Hand grip with HP empty battery latch
Handgrip with protruding long pin pin: EP
– Other special and mixed mounts (spikes, edge rollers,..)

Handle material/material Steel, stainless steel (stainless steel), nickel-plated steel, engineering plastics
Load (kg/m) load capacity up to 332.7kg/m
Operating Temperature (℃) From -10℃ to 400℃


Product Application

1. Single step hand chain: From 1 row to 3 rows:

BS/DIN: RS05B, RF06B, RS08B, RS10B, RS12B, RS16B, RS20B, RS24B, RS28B, RS32B, RS40B, RS48B, RS56B;


2. Chain with double step shank: From 1 to 3 ranges: RF2040, RF2050, RF2060, RF2080, RF20100, RF20150,….

The most commonly used and most widely used in the auto parts, electrical, electronic, food and precision machinery industries. The double step roller chain has the same basic structure as the single step roller chain but has twice the length of the single step roller.



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