Tsubaki Small Size Conveyor Chain LSK Series Corrosion Resistant

Chain LSK

Tsubaki has added another series to its corrosion resistant stainless steel attachment chain line up. The LSK Series chain demonstrates high performance in high emperatures, dry conditions, in contact with water, or even underwater to meet the needs of the food industry and a wide range of other industries. Let Tsubaki’s LSK Series be the next solution for your production lines

  • Better wear resistance


  • Better heat resistance


  • Better chemical resistance

Tsubaki uses its extensive plastic chain engineering know-how to carefully select the special engineering plastic used with the bush


Tsubaki’s new LSK Series chain, with greatly improved wear resistance

Tsubaki’s LSK Series stainless steel conveyor chain uses a special bush to provide self-lubricating functions between pin and bush for a longer wear life. In addition to stainless steel rollers, we also offer KV Series rollers for our LSK Series Double Pitch chain


RS40-LSK, RS50-LSK, RS60-LSK và  RF2040-LSK, RF2050-LSK, RF2060LSK


LSK Series – The solution for all your conveyance needs!

  • Minimizes chain elongation for less replacement costs and maintenance time!

  • Solves problems with mis-positioning during work transfer!

  • Quieter for a better work environment!

  • Say goodbye to articulation worries!


Perfect for the following equipment!

  • Packing equipment (horizontal pillows, bundling, shrinking, etc.)

  • Fill, form, and seal equipment (liquids, powders, etc.)



Link more product Tsubaki Chain: https://mhp.com.vn/en/san-pham/chains-industry-mhp/

Link Document LSK Chain Tsubaki:https://mhp.com.vn/en/document-mhp/

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