Tsubaki Chain – Optimal Power Transmission Solution for the Packaging Industry

Minimizing environmental pollution, elongation and maintenance are the ultimate goals of the Tray Packaging process

Tray packaging is widely used in the food and beverage industry, and ensuring hygiene is crucial in this process. Trays made of paper, cardboard or folded around a box are commonly used for goods before distribution to point of sale. The lubricant of the chain used in the process can often contaminate and damage the product if not lubricated properly or can easily cause pollution and damage to the product during packaging. Therefore, Tsubaki Lambda chain – lubrication-free chain will be the optimal choice to increase efficiency, longevity as well as meet the stringent requirements of the industry.



Ensuring high precision in the Pharmaceutical industry

The products of Tsubaki chain always meet the requirements for processes, functions, as well as high precision standards in the pharmaceutical industry, where safety and hygiene are crucial for medical equipment.



Reliable and precise products are especially important for the thermal forming and shaping process

The packaging of thermoforming and heat-shaping packaging is used to seal food-grade hygiene films and easily damaged products. This process requires a high level of precision, direct contact with heat, ultraviolet rays, and the highest safety and hygiene standards in the food and medical equipment industries. Tsubaki’s Gripper chain is a testament to the product line that can best meet the stringent demands of this application with high efficiency




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