Superior Solution for Food Processing Industry: Habasit Super HyCLEAN Conveyor Belts

Habasit Super HyCLEAN Conveyor Belts: Reduce 50% Cleaning Time, Water and Chemical Usage

Are you working in the food processing industry and searching for a superior solution to enhance hygiene, efficiency, and environmental protection? Let’s explore the remarkable product line from Habasit – Super HyCLEAN, an advanced conveyor belt that meets all your requirements.

With years of experience in the conveyor belt industry, Habasit is one of the world’s leading suppliers. Super HyCLEAN is a groundbreaking product, thanks to its unique and specially designed features to meet the highest hygiene standards in the food processing industry.

Super HyCLEAN not only significantly reduces cleaning time but also decreases water and chemical usage by up to 50% compared to other products on the market. With exceptional flexibility, this conveyor belt not only saves valuable resources but also reduces cleaning costs.

One of the standout features of Super HyCLEAN is its unique design that prevents the accumulation of organic debris and the risk of contamination. The spaces between the plastic modules are designed to eliminate gaps, preventing the build-up of debris and the potential for pollution.

Moreover, Super HyCLEAN is equipped with Habasit Saniclip – a convenient device for easy installation and removal of fasteners without the need for additional tools.

Through the combination of experienced experts and advanced technology, Habasit Super HyCLEAN conveyor belts have become the top choice for businesses in the food processing industry.

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Habasit Saniclip

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Together, let’s push the boundaries of effective hygiene, save time, and protect the environment!


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