Hollow Pin Chains

Brand: Tsubaki – Japan

Series: ANSI Single Pitch HP, ANSI Double Pitch HP, ANSI Single Pitch Lambda HP

Applications: Used in special environments such as submerged, acid and alkaline applications, can also be used in low to high temperatures (-20°C to +400°C)

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In Hollow Pin Chain, the pin is made with a hole, enabling various attachments to be installed simply and easily. This type of chain is used for general-purpose conveyance.

Feature of product

  • Regardless of whether the chain is straight or wrapped around a sprocket, the center distance between attachments is always the same

  • The load from the attachments is distributed equally to both sides of the link plates. This provides advantages in terms of strength, and the chain has less of a tendency to wind while running

  • It is easy to replace attachments, do maintenance, or adjust attachment spacing even while the chain is installed on equipmen


Series from 1 to 3 rows
RS Type: RS40, RS50, RS60
Double Pitch Chain Type: RF2040, RF2050, RF2060, RF2080, RF2042, RF2052, RF2062
Lamda chain Type: RS40, RS50, RS60, RF2040, RF2050, RF2060, RF2080, RF2042, RF2052, RF2062
Base material/material Stainless steel SS304, clip SS301
Operating temperature From -20℃ to 400



Product application

Widely used in water, acid, and alkali environments for industries, chemicals, food, pharmaceuticals,…


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Tsubaki Small Size Conveyor Chains and Sprockets


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