Why choose Tsubaki Chain?

1. Established and reputable brand in Japan and nationwide

Tsubakimoto Chain Company is a supplier of power transmission products, industrial drive chains, roller chains, small pitch conveyor chains, and large pitch chains. Other related products include one-way clutches, sprockets, shaft couplings, overload prevention safety devices, guide cables, chains with sawtooth-shaped attachments, and power transmission belts

2. Diverse range of models, quality, and applications in manufacturing

From drive chains, roller chains for conveying, to corrosion-resistant chains that meet customers’ needs, Tsubaki provides solution-oriented products such as the Lambda chain that does not require lubrication. Tsubaki has suitable products for any customer application. With a variety of chains, Tsubaki meets the demands of the manufacturing industry

a. Transmission chain





Normal Roller Chain Standard RS G7  Roller Chain Standard ANSI
Specialized application Leaf Chain AL user to lift
Low Noise Chain SN Series noise reduction chain
Lambda Chain RS-LMD maintenance-free, self-lubricating chain
K-Lambda Chain RS-K LMD temperature resistant, self-lubricating
X-Lambda Chain RS-X LMD Self-lubricating in severe dusty conditions
FG-Lambda Chain RS-FG LMD food
Duty Chain RO Series For high power construction equipment
RS-HT shockproof
Super Chain SUPER Increase endurance
SUPER H Increase endurance and shockproof
ULTRA SUPER Maximum tension
Corrosion Resistant RS-NP (available Lambda) Nickel-plated
RS-NEP Exposed outdoor environments, exposure to seawater
SS All components use 304 stainless steel
AS Combine documents SUS304+360
NS Components use 316 stainless steel
PC Chain PC Material SUS304 + Engineering plastic combination

b. Conveyor Chain




Normal Standard Small Size Conveyor Chain (ANSI) RS Attachment Chain General uses
RF Roller Chain Direct placement of materials on chain
RS & RF HP Hollow pin
RS Single Pitch CU Curved conveyance
Tốc độ Free Low Chain VRP và VR The speed of the chain conveys the material 2.5 times
Outer Roller RS & RF – PSR/TPR/SR/TR Roller in outer. Material steel and plastic
Xích với con lăn trên
Straight chain PC Chain RS-P/TTP/TN/TP
Steel Chain TT/TS/TO/TU/TRU
Snap Top Chain RS-SC
Materials Handling Conveyor chain

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