Stay Ahead of the curve Intralox’s new S2400 Raidus with heavy-duty edge

Radius belt edges are prone to breaking off and contaminating product due to improper belt handling, installation, and conveyor design. Additionally, as product throughput, line speeds, chemical usage, and sanitation requirements have increased, belts have experienced more wear and cycles around conveyors in shorter periods of time. Consequently, belts experience shorter lives

Intralox overcame these challenges by designing a belt that minimizes edge breakage and paired that design with our patented Load-Sharing™ edge technology, which reduces downtime and extends belt life by minimizing fatigue failures. This design combination creates the Series 2400 Radius with Heavy-Duty Edge, the best performing radius belt for the food industry



• Longest lasting and most fault-tolerant radius belt for the food industry

• Robust edge design ensures resistance to breakage due to misuse, catchpoints, and incorrect orientation

• Load-Sharing edge design improves load sharing across links, reducing stress in critical areas



Design Features


• Fault-tolerant edge design

• Patented Load-Sharing edge design

• Direct retrofit with legacy S2400 belts—no need to change sprockets, designs, or drawings

• Each module has a directional arrow design cue

• Smaller belt edge opening area and sculpted module features increase safety and reduce catchpoints


Available belt styles:

  • Flush Grid

  • Friction Top

  • High Deck

  • Hold Down Guides (HDG)

  • Friction Top with HDG


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