Low Noise Chain Tsubaki

Brand: Tsubaki – Japan

Series: RS40SN, RS50SN,RS60SN,RS80SN

Application: Low noise chain may save the cost of installing other noise insulation devices, Improvement of comfort level in work place

  • Super Low Noise

  • Premium Roller Chain

  • Meets ANSI Standards

  • Heat-Treated Components

  • High Performance Chain

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Introduction to the product

Low Noise Chain – a Tsubaki innovation – creates a worker- friendly, environmentally friendly plant. It reduces equipment noise, and it eliminates the need for expensive, hand-to-work-around soundproof enclosures.
Low Nosie Chain using spring roller. When the spring rollers come into contact with the sprocket, they expand to reduce and absorb the impact force reducing the noise caused by the impact between the chain and the sprocket.
Noise can be reduced by 6-8 dB compared to standard roller chain.
This series is ideal for applications that require low noise pollution , such as printing and packaging, or improving workplace comfort levels.


  • Improves factory work environments

    Reduces factory noise and contributes to an improved work environment .

  • Creates added value for equipment

    Lowers the noise level of equipment the chain is installed in, helping create of improved quality.

    Contributes to quieter drive on stage , nursing equipment , door, escalator hand rails, ect.

  • Dimensionally compatible with RS Roller Chain

    Dimensionally compatible with standard RS Roller Chain

  • Made to ANSI standards

  • Operating temperatune range is -10⁰C to 60⁰C .

    For example, consider a 50 pitch roller chain drive. Sound levels start at or around 65 decibels (dB) in a well-maintained system. This same drive has the potential to become as loud as 85dB, which is similar to a diesel truck going 45mph or a milling machine in operation. Prolonged exposure can be damaging.

  • Chain allowable speed is 200m/min


Solution providing

Low noise chain Tsubaki is an great choice for applications that require low noise levels, such as printing and packaging, or improving comfort at work

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