Raised Rib Modular belt

Brand: Intralox, Movex, Habasit


  • Intralox Raised Rib S400, S900, S1000, S1200, S1400, S1900, S4500, S10000

  • Movex Raised Rib S500

  • Habasit Raised Rib M2531, M2568, M5131, 208 RR, F53 Smart Fit

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Raised Rib Modular Belt

 A group of conveyor belts designed with ribbed surfaces to form grooves, with a large open surface area. At the end of the conveyor belt can be attached comb plates (one specially designed conveyor section used in transferring) to help the product pass through the intersection points of the two conveyors smoothly)

Outstanding Features

  • Raised rib design allows to increase the load of the conveyor belt, reducing the friction of the conveyor belt with the product

  • Open area on surface for applications requiring heat dissipation, drainage or needing to reduce product contact area

  • Conveyor comb can replace transfer plate or transfer roller

Product infomation

Product group Intralox Raised Rib, Movex Raised Rib, Habasit Raised Rid
Product type Comb Conveyor, Finger conveyor, Raised rib conveyor
Application Pasteurizer, Warmer, Cooler, Block,…
Industry Brewery & Beverage, Confectionary, Food, Tissue,…

Some typical applications

  • Pasteurizer/Warmer/Cooler Applications

  • Biscuits Conveyor

  • Egg Conveyor

  • Tissue Conveyor

Link Intralox :http://’https://www.intralox.com/industries/packaging/beverage-and-brewery/pasteurizer

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Raised Rib Modular belt